Friday, August 27, 2010

Jackie Kennedy: The Picture of Elegance & Sophistication

There is simply no one above "Jackie O" on my list of style icons and inspiration. I think, in part, it's because she reminds me of my Mama, and, more obviously, because her choices were always so timeless and yet so time-and-place appropriate. You may have gathered that classic simplicity is the name of my game-- I favor a Jackie, Audrey (whom I also adore, as previously mentioned here), or Grace over a Kate or Sienna any day of the week, but there is something especially sanguine about these photos of Jackie. Taken by friend and photographer Mark Shaw, they speak to an admirable quality she possessed that goes far beyond a strong sense of fashion. Warm and captivating and altogether human... the type of ideal our celebrity-obsessed society can aspire to. Le sigh.

Special thanks to the ladies over at The Love List for bringing these gorgeous photos to my attention!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sole Decisions

I have to admit it... I made my first fall shoe purchase this week! I had promised myself I would wait a little longer, but I just couldn't do it.

So, I caved for these beauties. Inspired by the clog-centric fashion of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 show, the Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C is an updated version of the shoe measuring 5 1/4" (I know, yikes!) and reportedly the comfiest insides since the Ugg. (Sadly, they are not the only Jeffrey Campbell shoes I currently have on the brain.) I just couldn't imagine an autumn of skinny jeans and chunky sweaters without them!

My shoe-list isn't embarrassingly long. I've improved slightly on the "Will you actually wear these? Oh yeah, with what?" conversation we all must have. The problem is... there are just so many beautiful choices this season! I'm especially digging these flats from Elaine Turner... and at less than $100, they may be what's next off my list!

(...being frivolous isn't always wise, but it sure is fun!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

25 Before 25: The List.

1. Take a trip on the flying trapeze. (Classes available at NYC Trapeze School.)
2. Complete the Walt Disney World Princess Half-Marathon. (Registered! Run takes place 2/27/11.)
3. Get my Equity card! (This one is going to take some serious work.)
4. Publish an article on The Huffington Post and/or Lonny Magazine. (I realize these are quite different publications, but both would mean a lot to me.)
5. Travel to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mule. (Booked! March 2011!)
6. Volunteer abroad. (Preferably through the She's the First 360 series-- and to Haiti... Summer 2011?)
7. Produce the Miss Not-So-Shore Pageant and raise $2,500 for the Children's Miracle Network. (In talks... March 2011.)
8. Purchase a Louis Vuitton bag for myself. (Certainly not a totally selfless goal, but I'm over it.)
9. Learn to play the cello. (Or at least take some lessons.)
10. Learn to speak French. (This has seriously been a goal for the last ten years.)
11. Sponsor a girl at the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project. (This will hopefully happen after my fundraiser in October '10.)
12. Learn to sail. (There is also, not surprisingly, a school for this in NYC.)
13. Go hang gliding! (This was a compromise made with my mini-me as I am not quite comfortable enough to put sky-diving on the list.)
14. Read (or re-read, as the case may be) all of Jane Austen's novels.
15. Design and create an evening gown for myself. (This, as a pageant girl, has always been a personal goal of mine.)
16. Save $1,000. (My savings account is always floating somewhere around $10... like, why bother??)
17. Pay off credit cards. (Womp, womp. I'm working on it.)
18. Place in the Top 5 at this year's Miss New Jersey pageant. (Can... she... DO IT?)
19. Consume beignets with my "ride-or-die" (her term, not mine) in New Orleans.
20. Ride in a hot air balloon.
21. Gain acceptance to a master's program. (Like.. a real one.)
22. Complete the 5-Boro Bike Race.
23. Take a Cake Decorating Class.
24. Produce a show for the inaugural season of the Musical Theater Academy.
25. Last, and kind-of nerdily least, finally archive my digital photo collection. It needs to happen.

Oh, hey life! Bring. It. On.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Almost Time...

Time for what, you ask? Well, time for my most favorite season of all-- autumn! In just two short weeks, I will be able to stroll into my local Starbucks and order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. The smell of field hockey season will be in the air, and I'll have to break out my new carmel colored boots and sweaters. The excitement is palpable! This also means that the "September" issues are all available, or will be shortly, and before you know it, you'll be shopping for corduroys... It's all too much! In anticipation of the changing season, I've gone to the liberty of choosing a few select fun new items to take you from the steamy August weather to the slightly brisk air of September... hooray!

My current job requires a lot of computer time-- blogging, tweeting, what have you-- and so it's become more important for me to be able to travel in tech-friendly style. This Marc Jacobs commuter is perfect and also works well as an alterna-briefcase.
This adorable bag has the perfect yellow punch of summer, but the academic theme and feel will carry you right into the classroom. Oh, Kate Spade, I love you. (Not to mention your taste in literature!)

It isn't fall without a cozy sweater to keep you warm and comfy. I really like this one, available from Anthropologie, for being chic and stylish and not the slightest bit slouchy.
Finally, perhaps the sleekest option to wellies I've ever seen-- classic and elegant, and the gold buttons are simply a magnificent touch. These bad boys are also available in blue.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girl Crush: Olivia Palermo

Holy mackerel. Is there anyone who dresses so well-- her style is so meticulously put together, so sophisticated, and yet still fresh and up-to-date?

I think it might be love. (Many thanks to Paloma of the incredible La Dolce Vita for the photos from her blog.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"25 before 25"

This past weekend was the first August 7th since my grandmother passed away last year. It was always a pretty neat date on the calendar for me because it was her birthday and my "half-birthday." Of course this led to a little meditation on the subject and a realization that I'm only a year and a half away from my 25th birthday. I realize it sounds ridiculous for something as random as that to impact me too much, but it did. It made me think about how quickly time flies, and how it can really get away from you if you're not proactive. With that being said, I've decided to create a list of 25 things I'd like to do before I turn 25... some exciting, some mundane, but all special and significant to me. The list isn't quite complete yet, but it's getting there... when I've officially finalized it, I will be sure to share!

In the mean time, I leave you with this season's inspiration for wallet anorexia:

(Do you think my mom would forgive me for engaging in some shady business dealings in order to afford these beauties?)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow, Miss Diaz.

Wow, Miss Diaz. I have to say... I run really hot and cold with Cameron. Magenta dress with turquoise accessories? Yes, please. Knight and Day with Tom Cruise? Think again.

This spread in Harper's Bazaar belongs in the former category. Can we say STUNNING?!

The image reminds me so much of the Vogue I remember reading as a little girl. You see, at age 12, I (in all my infinite wisdom) felt that I had "outgrown" Seventeen magazine and preferred instead to read Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Of course I was less interested in actually reading the magazine, and moreso in drooling over the glamorous clothes. This shot-- this fashion-- hearkens to that time, when magazines were hundreds of pages long and filled to the brim with advertisements from the most relevant and sophisticated designers. Sigh. Job well done, Harper's. Looking good, CD.