Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dalla nonna jewelry

Recently, my boyfriend purchased me one of these beautiful necklaces (with our anniversary date) as a birthday gift. Being as sentimental as I am, I loved how personal and thoughtful a gift it was-- it is one of those things that will forever remind me of him and I and where we are now. Since I've been wearing it though, I've gotten compliments from almost everyone I see on the unique beauty of the necklace. I'm afraid I'll never take it off again.

The neatest thing about their jewelry though is that it started so simply-- two lawyer-by-day friends had inherited jewelry from their grandmothers (hence the company name, dalla nonna, Italian for "from the grandmother") and fell in love with the idea of creating pieces that brought together things old and new. In particular, a tie clip (that had been passed down to co-owner Jess from her grandfather) inspired the classic piece, the calendar necklace. They also make the calendar available as a bracelet as well. You can check them (and their lovely creations) out here.

As for me, I think I know what I'm getting for my mom for mother's day...

Friday, March 26, 2010

About a Girl.

When I graduated from college last May, I assumed I would stroll through the gates of our green and gated campus, entering the "real world" with a diploma and a crystal-clear vision of what the future would entail... road map must have gotten lost in the mail, because I still haven't seen it and I have no idea where I'm headed. Despite this, I'm learning a lot about myself, including a few things I probably should have already known. For example, I love to write. I also really enjoy design-- fashion, interior, graphic, you name it. Here's another little tidbit-- I don't have much of an adventurous side. I don't mean in the "exciting sports" sense of the word, but more along the lines of, "How on earth could I want to become an interior designer?" sense.

Perhaps it's my small-town background, perhaps it's a fear of disappointing my parents (I'm an only child and a recovering goodie two-shoes, to boot), but I'm learning to embrace myself for who I am. One tiny step at a time.

That's where you come in, blogging friends. It is my sincere hope that this blog will serve as a teeny, tiny toe-dip into the ocean of my professional future. I promise to provide you with entertainment-- beautiful photos, designs, shoes, and the like-- if you'll just give me a chance to ride without my training wheels. We get one chance at this life, and I'd like to make the most of mine-- even if I have to learn to break the rules to do so.