Friday, September 10, 2010

Freaky Friday!

I occasionally get the sense that in the time it took me to blink one single, solitary blink, a whole slew of days flew by. This is what the last week has felt like to me. For one thing, I went on an adventure to the Midwest! It was, without a doubt, one of the most fun weekends I've had all summer. I was certainly in good company, but I think one of the main reasons the trip was so enjoyable was that the people of Indiana and Illinois exhibited a kindness and an air of contentment that simply doesn't exist on a grand scale on the East Coast. It's too bad because it made even tiny exchanges at the corner store seem like a celebration of living.

Of course, I'm also in wonderful spirits because one of my most favorite seasons is swinging into action-- autumn, naturally! I love the crispness in the air... the pumpkin spice lattes... the sweaters! AH! It's all too much... and the fashion. Heaven help us, the fashion.

Speaking of clothing, there seems to be no dearth of occasions for dressing up in the next few months-- everything from a wedding to a christening to an incredible anniversary celebration of one of the non-profits I work with. With that being said, it seems almost unnatural to consider attending all of these events without even ONE new dress. ;)

How do you feel about this one?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Read A Little Read For Me

Voracious is nearly an understatement when describing my reading tendencies, truly. Given the opportunity, I would happily sit in bed for days on end to catch up on the ever-growing pile of books near my bed. In fact, it was one of the reasons I was most looking forward to college graduation-- the ability to use my time to read books of my own selection. I know, I know-- this makes me a nerd. I know it and I own it.

At any rate, I feel compelled to mention two books I've read lately that were really delightful. The first, "The House on First Street" is a story about a woman, her home, her husband, and the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The latter, "The Summer We Read Gatsby," is equally divine and the perfect way to wrap up a summer filled with time at the beach, some sunshine, and the world's most wonderful man by my side.